Shandong Haoguan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise integrating steel production, processing, sales and integration. The company specializes in the production of seamless steel tubes of various specifications, Galvanized steel pipe.with complete specifications and stock in stock.

Company's main products: cold storage engineering, large and medium-sized central air conditioning engineering, pressure vessels and other pickling passivation seamless steel pipes. It includes high-quality seamless fluid pipe (GB / t8163-1999), structural pipe (GB / T8162-1999), low and medium pressure boiler pipe (GB3087-1999) and high-pressure boiler pipe produced by Chenggang, Yegang, Baotou Steel, Tiangang, Baosteel, Henggang and Lubao (GB5310-1995), chemical fertilizer pipe (gb6479-86), petroleum cracking pipe (gb9948-88), geological drilling pipe (yb235-70), hydraulic support pipe (GB / t17396-1998), marine pipe (gb5213-85), oil and gas pipeline (gb9711.1 / 2), etc.  

External standard specification: outer diameter (unit: inch) 1 / 2 ', 3 / 4', 1 ', 1-1 / 4', 1-1 / 2 ', 2', 2-1 / 2 ', 3', 4 ', 5', 6 ', 8', 10, 12 ', 14', 16 ', 18', 20 ', 22' - 40 ';

The wall thickness grades are: sch20, sch30, sch40, sch60, sch80 ~ 160, schstd, schxs, schxxs

The standards include: ASTM / ASME (American Standard), DIN (German standard), en (European standard), JIS (Japanese standard), API, A106, A53, A333, A335, din1626, DIN1629, gr.a, gr.b, s20c, S45C, st37, ST45.8, ST52, P11, P22, T11, T12, T22, P5, P9 and X42 ~ 60 oil and gas pipeline steel series. The supply of goods is sufficient, the variety is complete and the channel is smooth.